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Product introduction

Thenew high performance "silicate battery" is a new product withindependent scientific and technological innovation and completely independentintellectual property rights. It is made of "silicate electrolyte"and "multi alloy plate" and "internalization process" byspecial technology. It is made of "AGM partition". The defects oftraditional acid corrosion, acid fog pollution, poor resistance to high and lowtemperature, hydrogen evolution flicker, low energy density and power density,poor reliability, complex maintenance and short service life have been changed.

"Silicate battery" does not contain toxic and harmful substances such as mercury,cadmium and arsenic. The new "silicate electrolyte" is milky whiteliquid and has good wettability. After recharging, it keeps milk white gelstate throughout the battery, and the concentration is uniform andunstratified. As the solid material is insensitive to temperature, the influenceof the ion diffusion is relatively small in the low temperature environment,and the change of ambient temperature has little influence on the performanceof the battery, and the high and low temperature resistance is excellent. Theconductive salt and active agent contained in the system can increase the ionmobility and conductivity, reduce the polarization internal resistanceeffectively, improve the conversion efficiency of charge and discharge, andreduce the temperature rise of charge and discharge. The "silicateelectrolyte" precipitates high gas potential and reduces acid foggeneration and water loss. The heat capacity is large and the heat dissipationability is strong, which effectively avoids thermal runaway. Avoid thesulfation of the plate. The silicate gel electrolyte is a weak acid, reducesthe corrosion of the plate, effectively prevents the exfoliation of the activematerial and the impurity free. The self discharge rate of the battery is verylow, and the charge holding capacity is improved. Avoid short circuit due tothe formation of dendrites from the plate. Even if the power loss is prolonged,the service life will not be seriously affected.

Afterthe life of "silicate gel battery" is terminated, no waste acidsolution is retained and the plate is intact and unslime, which is verybeneficial to recycling and recycling. The abandoned "silicateelectrolyte" residue is milky white and semisolid granular, containinghigh quality chemical fertilizer and not polluting the environment, which canincrease the oxygen content of soil and fertile soil. It is friendly to theenvironment and belongs to the environment-friendly battery.

Thenew type of "silicate battery" has high specific energy. It has lowtemperature resistance, high temperature resistance, vibration resistance, lowinternal resistance and low temperature rise, high charge discharge conversionefficiency, high current charge discharge, small self discharge, long storagetime, no memory effect, no gas loss and acid corrosion, strong self recoverycapacity, low discharge voltage limiting potential. It has the characteristicsof long life, safety and environmental protection, totally maintenance free,high power supply, and high reliability.

Theproducts can be widely used in the fields of national defense, communication,railway, electric power, aviation, heavy card, bus, photovoltaic, information,medical, security, station, ship, port, engineering vehicle, standby powersupply, power generation equipment and so on. Among them, "startingsilicate colloid battery" is the first product in China, which can replacetraditional batteries.